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How To Cope With Stress………

How To Cope With Stress Related To Unemployment or The Failing Economy Copyright 2011. Roberta Shapiro, M.ED., LCSW In my private practice (located in Miami Beach),I have seen a growing number of clients coming in for therapy sessions for stress related issues. Given today’s poor economic climate I want you to understand what stress is, … Continue reading

What You Should Know About Cortisol

Copyright 2011. Roberta Shapiro, M.Ed., Psychotherapist Miami. All rights reserved. Our bodies have a built-in mechanism often referred to as the “stress response” which helps protect us from the effects of acute, immediate stress. This process involves several hormones in the adrenal gland. Following the immediate “adrenal rush,” we experience a massive release of cortisol … Continue reading

Stress Busters…….

Copyright 2011. Help With Worry: Roberta Shapiro, M.Ed. All rights reserved. In my years of practice as a psychotherapist in Miami, Fl., I try to give my patients natural options to  help deal with worry, stress and anxiety. Here are a few low-cost tools you can try to help reduce stress: –Bath water scented with vanilla … Continue reading