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As a therapist in Miami Beach for over twenty years and the author of several books and a sleep meditation CD, I have come up with ideas, strategies, tips and solutions to manage all types of anxiety: sleep problems, panic attacks, general anxiety, stress and so on. My goal is to help people find practical ways to find peace, tranquility and serenity in their lives.
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The Benefits Of Cherries, Think Fresh!

Copyright 2011. Roberta Shapiro, M.ED., LCSW. All rights reserved. You may not know this, but cherries pack an enormous punch (no pun intended). Although it’s a small, yet delicious fruit, there are some wonderful benefits you can enjoy by eating a handful of cherries per day. The benefits of cherries are: a strong detoxifying and … Continue reading

Stress, Anxiety and Depression: Some Useful Tips To Help You Deal With These Issues

Stress, Anxiety and Depression: Some Useful Tips To Help You Deal With These Issues by Roberta Shapiro, M.Ed. In my private Miami Beach practice, I see many patients who are dealing with issues of stress , anxiety and depression. This article will cover something I often strongly recommend during a session. I really emphasize the … Continue reading

Think You Might Have Vaginismus?

Copyright 2011. Roberta Shapiro, M.ED. All rights reserved. Think you might have vaginismus?  First, I want you to know that this condition is more common in women than you might think. If you experience strong, involuntary tightening of your vaginal muscles, which results in painful spasms upon penile penetration, than you might just have vaginismus. … Continue reading

How To Cope With Stress………

How To Cope With Stress Related To Unemployment or The Failing Economy Copyright 2011. Roberta Shapiro, M.ED., LCSW In my private practice (located in Miami Beach),I have seen a growing number of clients coming in for therapy sessions for stress related issues. Given today’s poor economic climate I want you to understand what stress is, … Continue reading

Easy Tip For Breathing Meditation

Copyright 2011. Roberta Shapiro, M.Ed. All rights reserved. One of the biggest challenges I see in my patients when they come in for therapy sessions at my private Miami Beach practice, is that most of them do not think meditation is attainable. In fact, some are out right resistant to it. I tried to think … Continue reading

What You Should Know About Cortisol

Copyright 2011. Roberta Shapiro, M.Ed., Psychotherapist Miami. All rights reserved. Our bodies have a built-in mechanism often referred to as the “stress response” which helps protect us from the effects of acute, immediate stress. This process involves several hormones in the adrenal gland. Following the immediate “adrenal rush,” we experience a massive release of cortisol … Continue reading

So, Just What Is Agoraphobia?

Copyright 2011. Roberta Shapiro, M.Ed. All rights reserved. Earlier this week I had a client seeking psychotherapy sessions for agoraphobia come in for her first appointment to my private Miami Beach practice. She inspired me to write a short article about fear of going out to public open places, aka ‘agoraphobia.’ This phobic disorder is … Continue reading

A little about depression

Copyright 2011. Roberta Shapiro, M.Ed. All rights reserved. I”m often asked to explain depression, so, in short here’s a brief description: Depression is characterized by a loss of a capacity to feel pleasure, loss of appetite, difficulty with sleep, and at times, in more severe cases, suicidal thoughts. Most causes of depression are treatable with … Continue reading

A little about anxiety disorders

Copyright 2011. Roberta Shapiro, M.Ed. All rights reserved. Anxiety disorders can manifest themselves both psychologically or physiologically. In my private practice, my patients who experience anxiety disorders usually express feelings of fear or worry; some suffer from excessive worry. Physiological symptoms of anxiety include: Shortness of breath Tension headaches Gastrointestinal problems, such as diarrhea Heart … Continue reading

Migraines, Stress and Anxiety

Copyright 2011. Roberta Shapiro, M.ED. All rights reserved. Over the years I’ve come to realize that migraines or tension headaches became more and more prevalent amongst my patients who came into my private Miami practice seeking help with anxiety or stress. One of the most common type of pain experienced by people around the world is … Continue reading