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New Ways of Thinking about Anxiety and Weight

Copyright 2011. Roberta Shapiro, M.Ed. All rights reserved.

In my years of experience as a therapist in private practice in Miami Beach, I have found a correlation between anxiety and weight.

Another major cause of anxiety is  WEIGHT. The common thinking is that weight is often caused by stress and anxiety. But I see something VERY  interesting in my practice. Often people become so stressed out, so anxious, so shamed by the weight itself, that it creates tremendous anxiety in them. Often,  they often try to soothe this anxiety over  weight   gain with more food, leading to a revolving door of more weight and more anxiety.

Just today I saw a young woman who told me that she had ten pounds of after baby weight to lose. That in itself wasn’t a problem, but she experienced so much anxiety, and disturbance about the extra weight, that she put on another thirty pounds before understanding what was happening!

In the near future I will be releasing my  CD on hypnosis and weight issues. Hypnosis can be very helpful for weight problems.  In addition, meditation and visualization are very helpful and important. There are a few very  useful books  which teach mindful meditation and weight loss, to help people slow down and be more aware of what they are eating.

I find these three things MOST helpful with weight issues and plan to  use them on my next CD. I believe all three are highly useful when used in combination.


 Taking the time, at the beginning of the day, and BEFORE each meal, to envision in detail what one will be eating. This can take a lot of discipline at first, but one can eventually become used to doing this, and since it really only takes a minute or two to do,  it can be an incredibly helpful and easy habit.  Visualizing  oneself being very careful with food choices before every meal and snack and party can be an amazing tool!

2. Hypnosis:

This is a tremendous way embedding suggestions of careful and controlled eating, especially useful when in tandem with these other tools.

3. Meditation:

 Learning mindful meditation techniques to accomplish careful, controlled, mindful eating.

Here are some books on meditation, hypnosis and weight loss that  I highly recommend:

  • Meditating to Maintain a Healthy Body Weight by Lawrence Leshan.
  • Personal Change through Self Hypnosis. Pam Young
  • Keep it off. Brian Allman

About The Calming Collection

As a therapist in Miami Beach for over twenty years and the author of several books and a sleep meditation CD, I have come up with ideas, strategies, tips and solutions to manage all types of anxiety: sleep problems, panic attacks, general anxiety, stress and so on. My goal is to help people find practical ways to find peace, tranquility and serenity in their lives.


2 thoughts on “New Ways of Thinking about Anxiety and Weight

  1. Love your articles!

    Posted by Micah | March 21, 2011, 5:25 pm

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